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Our list of satisfied customers include homeowners, municipalities and park systems, hotels and resorts, swim and tennis clubs, highway departments and construction companies to name a few.


Brutus Roller manufactures court and grounds rollers with longevity and superior productivity foremost in mind. Each machine is made of the best components available in the market. Any roller, no matter how old, can be easily retrofitted at any time. We also recognize that timing and convenience are priorities for our customers so we ship 99 percent of all orders that same day.

Customization is a specialty at Brutus Roller. We can consult on custom design for your specific jobs. In addition, we manufacture covers that fit your roller. Covers feature a tightly sewn-in heat pad to protect it when placed over a still-warm, recently turned off engine – no waiting for cool down.

Brutus Rollers have a narrow foot mark allowing them to go through standard-width doors or gates. In addition, the machines track, rolling back and forth covering the same surface for consistency. Most imitators simply cannot accomplish this, resulting in their requiring extra time and labor to get the job done.

Another distinctive feature on the Brutus Rollers is a unique articulated pivot, allowing the machine to make an extremely tight turning radius.


Operator safety is of ultimate priority for us. For example, our one-third walk-behind machine has a built in safety device, it locks in forward but not backwards, preventing potential accidents.


It's clear to see that Brutus Rollers are truly Outstanding whether on the Court or in the Field.

Brutus Roller

After using the Brutus for almost 40 years in the landscape industry, aside from regular maintenance of equipment we have found our Brutus Roller to be a very reliable piece of equipment. I believe that we were one of the first companies to purchase a roller of this size and durability and couldn't be more pleased with it!

-Shelly, Shelly's Landscape Contractors



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