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Below are some common questions and answers- but if you don't see the answers you need, please feel welcome to contact us and we will be happy to assist you. 

  • What style roller do I have and what are the part numbers for it?
    Old Style: The roller was built before May 1999. When sitting on the machine, the engine is located on the right hand side. Cover: VRC Chain Guard: SA-7168 Brake Assembly: SA-7805O New Style: The roller was produced in May 1999 through current. When sitting on the machine, the engine is located on the left side. Cover: VRC-2 Chain Guard: SA-7168N Brake Assembly: SA-7805 As always, if you need more help, please contact us.
  • What do you do when the exhaust blows in the operator’s face?
    The machine you are using is an Old style. You can purchase a new deck, chain guard and coupling guard. Dismount the engine and transmission and remount them on the new deck. It should solve the problem. And as always, if you need further help, please contact us. We'll be happy to help you.
  • What do you do if your chain falls off?
    1. Check all sprockets and verify that teeth are pointed, not rounded. If rounded, replace sprockets. If sprockets are fine, loosen setscrews on drive sprocket located on the transmission shaft. 2. Push sprocket toward transmission causing the chain to be in an angled position. 3. Put transmission shifter in neutral and push machine forward and backward. The drive sprocket will self-align. 4. Lock in setscrews and chain should be in alignment with all sprockets. If it is still falling off, replace chain as it is probably elongated. The problem should be solved. Parts discussed: Drive Sprocket: MS-7167 (15 teeth) High Speed: MS-7167-A (24 teeth) Chain: SA-7173 High Speed: SA-7173A Idler Arm Complete: SA-7126-7 Idler Arm Spring: MS-7128 Idler Arm Bolt: MS-7021 Idler Arm Nut: MS-7029 Driven Sprocket (96 tooth): SA-7303
  • Do I have seat options?
    A standard farm seat (SA-7707) comes on the machine when it is purchased. An optional outdoor vinyl, adjustable, cushioned seat with mounting plate is available for purchase (SA-9301).
  • What are the articulation components?
    The front mounting bracket (SA-7501) includes pressed in bushings that are reamed to accept attaching pin (SA-7713). The yolk assembly looks like the letter “Y” (SA-7709) which attaches to the rear (tandem frame assembly: SA-7706).
  • What oil to use and where?
    The Engine and Gear Box use 10W30 Weight oil. The Transmission uses 30 weight NON-DETURGENT Oil.
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