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About Us:

Brutus Rollers- see why we are outstanding in the field- yours & ours.

Brutus Rollers originated in 1954. The current executive leadership took over in 1998 and streamlined operations to steward this successful line of products to compete and win in today’s marketplace.


Brutus Rollers are directly descended from original designs. They were so skillfully engineered that there still are Brutus Rollers that continue to be operated after more than 50 years. Customers still purchase replacement parts for Brutus Rollers that were manufactured when Eisenhower was president!

We Design With Our Customers In Mind!

For more than a half-century, we have been manufacturing precision rolling machines that are completely free of built-in obsolescence; we build, run and test every machine prior to shipping it to our valued customers. We recognize that purchasing a Brutus Roller is an investment in assuring quality – and safety – of the courts and grounds that service athletes and enthusiasts, both public and private.


It's clear to see that Brutus Rollers are truly outstanding- whether on the court or in the field.

Brutus Roller Bradenton

This is how we roll...

Keeping courts and athletic fields in winning form for more than 50 years. Brutus Roller is often imitated by competitors, but never duplicated. Whether you own or are responsible for maintaining tennis courts, golf greens, bocce courts and other fields, turfs and courts upon which competitive athletes rely to get their best game. A Brutus Roller is the only tool you need to assure confidence, safety and pristine compact beauty.








We are here for you.

   We pride ourselves on well crafted machines, but also our customer service.   

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